Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modifications

If you are one of the millions of individuals or families who are facing foreclosure, Law Offices of Kendal Coleman will assist you by fighting the foreclosure or negotiating with the lender to modify your loan or a possible short sale.

You may have attempted to negotiate with your mortgage company. If you did, we are sure you found out very quickly how aggravating and time consuming it is to deal with the mortgage company.

In many cases, the mortgage company sent you a Notice of Intent to Foreclose and you believed it was just another document sent to you by the mortgage company. Thereafter you may have receive a Foreclosure Complaint and believed that it was just a matter of days before you lose your home.

Law Offices of Kendal Coleman will review your mortgage documents to determine if the mortgage company kept good records and/or violated the Truth in Lending Act. You may be able to undo the foreclosure for such violations, and possibly receive damages from the mortgage company for violations.

Also, if your current mortgage company is not the same as the original lender, you may have additional options. There are special requirements that must be met when a mortgage is sold to another company, and if they are not met, you could have valuable options for fighting the foreclosure.

If you have been attempting to modify your loan or have received foreclosure documents, call the Law Offices of Kendal Coleman so that an experienced foreclosure defense attorney can assist you immediately.